We use the first fully automated platform that enables the creation and management of high quality, hyper-local search marketing campaigns.

"The essence of turning prospects into loyal customers and doing this over and over again, requires the services of experienced-knowledgeable professionals which BOC Local offers.  You can trust the dedicated people who make up our search marketing team.  They have the the right "know how" and "mentality" to successfully manage your lead generation needs."
                                                                      -Bruce Oliver, President, BOC Local

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Why Use BOC Local Digital Marketing Service?

Search Marketing

When people use the Google Search Engine to locate goods and services, they find your business ad.    By having your business show up in relevant search results, customers will more easily Find and Contact your business.

Lead Generation

We generate leads by the use of Digital Marketing.  The three most important elements of a marketing campaign are: establishing a Presence, Being Found and Driving Leads.  All are necessary components of lead generation.  

Increased Visitors

Your business website was meant to greet new visitors with an amazing Internet user-friendly experience.  BOC Local fully automates the management and optimization of paid search market-ing.  

About BOC Local

BOCLocal is a special service offered by Bruce Oliver, an experienced webdesign professional, located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  Mr. Oliver has been offering clients creative marketing   products and services since 1991.     BOCLocal is proud to say that it uses a third party provider who has the expertise and skills to provide a quality experience to our clients. Created by experts in search and technology.

We use the first fully automated platform that enables the creation and management of high quality, hyper-local search marketing campaigns and responsive websites for thousands of local businesses at scale.

Our Search Marketing Partner has worked with thousands of businesses to deliver returns that far exceed the industry average for local businesses using search to deliver results.

Does Your Business Need More Sales Leads?  We Can Help!!!

Interested in More Leads?  If so,  we do the work and make it easy for you.  
Once your info is placed in our platform, leads come in immediately! 

People Find Your Business!

Good News.  Your business gets found when people place a search using key words in Google's search page.  Results are generated based on the specific type of business you are and your service locations.

Location Location Location!

Everyone says Location, Location, Location.  When placing a request for Search Marketing, the locations your business serves is important to know. Your business can determine the number of locations to receive leads from.  

SEM & SEO Mobile Landing Pages

Merchants love the fact that our (SEM) Search Engine Marketing platform can help improve their ROI.  Local Merchants are  promoted  by  (SEO)  Search  Engine Optimized  mobile  ready  landing pages. Merchants enjoy increased sales leads .